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Dante x Lightning shipper
A German guy who does not have good knowledge in the English language. And so I use the Google translator.

I m a "real" nephilim. A hybrid ofthe waring DMC and DmC Fans.

My Best Friends on DA:
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i am on the Tournament of Power(?) Arc.
and i gotta say, it is full of excitment !!!

And i saw Son Goku´s new Ultra Instinct. =)
But this is something that DBGT lacked, over the top action. Althought i love the SSJ4.
Okay, Zeno, welcome in my list of most dislked characters ever...

seriously, why is everyone blaming Son Goku for the Tournament. If Zeno was the one with the idea to earse the Universe ???
so i saw the debut episodes with Caulifla and Kale.
i don´t mind that they turned to SSJ that fast, Goten and Trunks made it faster.

Caulfila could be a character i like. one of my DB Waifus next to Android 21 and 18.
But Kale... that is a other story.
seems more like a parody to Broly.

omg, i think this opening is so much better than the first one. <3
i am now done with the Goku Black Arc.

seriously, i didn´t undertsand one word, after Future Trunks and Mai had to escape. Did they had to go in a different Timeline without Zamasu, but exist with themselfs ???

And Goku Black being Zamasu in Son Goku´s Body was kinda lame. Would be more interesting if Son Goku in that timeline would be corrupted in a way.
i mean it makes Goku Black like Ginyu/Baby/Turles...
But still he is one of my favorite Villians in Super. Next to Hit.

And Zamasu itself. you could make a drinking game about him.
everytime then he says "God","Immortality","Mankind" and "Sin" start to drink. xD
he turned really annoying after a time.

But still i enjoyed that Arc, i was glad to see Vegetto again, althought not so awesome like in DBZ, but happy. =)
and to see how Trunks meet all his old friends again, and that he saw what happend after the Cell games.
it was really great to me.
And seeing Vegeta more like a father for the Future Trunks.
i guess, i know now what caused my creativ blocked.
since Dragon Ball FighterZ, my brains is thinking more and more parodies for Dragon Ball.

i mean, i did a lot of DMC, DoA, Tekken, MGS etc.
it was always the same franchises. But since DBZ, i have finally defeated my blocked. =)
should i play Fire Emblem warriors ?
my sister has this game.
and i saw a lot of Lightning x Lucina stuff.
i watched the Univere 7 vs 6 Tournament.

i totally enjoyed this battles, they were so exciting.
Piccolo was finally fighting again.
and the fights with Vegeta are badass.

And Hit ?
Welcome in my list of favorite Dragon Ball Characters.

Dragon Ball Super becamed finally great during this episodes. i know i watched some episodes but i am looking forward to the Goku Black Arc. =)

Ladies and Gentleman,
i introduce you, Son Goku from a very different ... Universe ? xD
i adding Dragon Ball now into Request Comics/Images. ;)

Since DBFighterZ made me back into Dragon Ball Fever. xP
anyone with comic requests ?
i still have a creative blockade...
and i need something, aside from DBFighterZ, to get forget some problems i have...
anyone is willing to help me with my
in designing the main page ?
i made a group about Goku x Android 21
everyone is welcome to join. ;)

okay this now one of my favorite Dragon Ball moments. xD
i will gonna watch Dragon ball Super.
but i will skip the Beerus and Freezer arcs.
because i already saw Battle of Gods and Resurrection of F. since i already know how this Arcs are end.
i like the J-Rockband Flow.
But i don´t like their version of Chala-Head-Chala...
and DBFighterZ is using that song...
anyone who owns a PS4 would like to play DBFighterZ with me ? having friendly matches.

My PSN-ID: dante-564_

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This may seem a little random, but I recently released an Anime Light Novel not too long ago. If you like raunchy comedy, check out the link here!…

This is a genuine link btw. No spam or anything lol
Dante-564 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
will check it out if i have enough time. ;)
Dante-564 Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2018
this topic is dead for me like DMC vs DmC.
sorry. =(
Demarcusmaximum Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2018
Hi Dante 564, Hanzo Hasashi meets Gabriel Belmont, they both have something in common. They both been manipulated by evil sorcerers like Quan Chi and Zobek. They both became Undead beings of darkness, Hasashi became Scorpion- The hellspawn Ninja of the neatherrealm, Belmont became Dracula- The all powerful Vampire Lord and prince of Darkness. They lost their wives, Harumi Hasashi was killed by Quan Chi in disguise as Sub Zero, Marie Belmont was killed a possessed Gabriel controlled by Zobek. They avenged their deaths, Scorpion decapitates Quan Chi Brutally and Dracula impales Zobek with the Void Sword turning him to ice before shattering him into pieces. And they are both bad asses with beards.
DOAPersonafan123 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay, I just wanted to ask on your thoughts on it.:D
Dante-564 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2018
i tried it on the day you made it.
i was thinking about 2 hours, about my opinion. but in the end i thought i would became a  unlikeable person for that. =(
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Thx for a watch. <3
Dante-564 Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2018
hey, you are a friend of mine after all. ;)
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True that. <3
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